How to get the most for your car

We know more than anyone how difficult it may be to part with your pride and joy, we know that cars are more than just metal, they hold memories, but if you do need to sell your car, whether you are strapped for cash, or need an upgrade, have a read of this handy guide to help you get the most for your car.

Get an up-to-date MOT

You may be asking yourself, do I need an MOT to sell my car? Well, the answer is no, you don’t need one, however, it is always best practice to have one to get the best price for your car! Although this can be a hassle, having an up-to-date MOT assures those buying your vehicle that the car is in good condition and can be driven on the road. Having these documents attached to your vehicle proves to whoever is buying your car that the ‘under the hood’ condition is in perfect working order, and can consider any notes made by your mechanic.


It is always best practice to get an in-date MOT, to also show your vehicle is driveable and road-legal – don’t let your buyer beat you down on price because your MOT is out of date! An MOT will help you secure a higher offer on your vehicle meaning more cash in your pocket!

People shaking hands in front of a car

Gather your paperwork

If you are wondering what paperwork you need to sell your car, it is not all that complicated – luckily! Buying and selling a car often comes with a couple of papers necessary to complete the transaction, so let’s have a look at what you need to sell your car.


The key piece of paperwork you need is your V5C. Your V5C proves your ownership of the vehicle, and is, therefore, the most important document to sell your car. Your V5 should be easy to recognise as the red sheet of paper with your registration number, vehicle type and your details on. If you bought the vehicle through a dealership, it should have come with a V5C, if not, you will have applied for the document yourself.


Other useful documentation includes any service history documents relating to your car, such as a service history book, MOT certificates and related documents. These are not essential to sell your car but can increase a buyer’s confidence in your vehicle.


Having your paperwork in order makes your vehicle more attractive to potential buyers as they know the exact history of the vehicle, and that it has been well cared for.

Check if your car needs any repairs

Is your car roadworthy? If not, can it be sold? You can sell your car in any condition, however, to get the most money, a car that runs, with minimal damage is always the best. The natural wear and tear of driving can sometimes mean small, easy repairs may be needed to increase the value of your car. Some easy fixes to look out for include:

  • Checking your washer fluid, engine coolant levels and engine oil levels
  • Your tyres are in good condition and not below the minimum tread depth
  • A broken headlight or brake light

Small repairs are often cheap and easy to fix, so are worth getting sorted before you sell your car. They will add value to your vehicle and will give the seller no reason to knock you down on price!


If your car has more serious faults or damage, it may be best to get a quote first before fixing yourself. Often these repairs can be more costly to fix than the money you would make back once your car has sold.


If you are selling your car to the Car Buying Crew, we will always give you the best advice of how you can sort small issues so you can sell your car for the most money.

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men shaking hands exchanging the keys to a car

Get an online valuation

Another useful thing when selling your car is to get yourself a base point of what price you would like for your vehicle. The best way to do this is to use a quick and easy instant valuation tool to check the current value of your vehicle. A car that is accurately priced is more likely to sell well, and knowing how much your car is worth can help you set a price that is appropriate for your vehicle.


Whether you are selling your car privately, through a dealership, part exchange or through a car-buying site, knowing what your car is worth is always useful.


Need an online valuation? Just head to our homepage and get an instant valuation for your car!

Clean your car

It may sound obvious, but a vehicle that is well-presented is likely to sell faster and easier, than a car that has not had a quick spring clean. You can take your vehicle to be valeted, or give it a quick wash at home, and a hoover inside to get it looking its best.


Simple things like checking your door bins are free of rubbish, your glove box is cleared and any back-seat pockets have nothing left in them makes your car more presentable to any buyer.

The best way to get more money for your car is to make it as attractive to buyers as possible. Here at Car Buying Crew, we can value your car to give you a benchmark price if you wish to sell it to third parties, but we will also buy vehicles in any condition, whether or not you have some repairs needed or a little damage – so value your car today and get underway with your car selling journey.